Alternative medicine is and has been part of my life for over twenty years. More than a profession, it is a passion to which I dedicate a lot of time and energy. After years of learning and practice, it is now time for me to share my experiences with you. You will enjoy every moment. The Casas Serenas garden is a delight to the senses for creating a space with a total harmony with nature. We provide natural and professional relaxation and well being services to relax your mind and body; Cas'Arômes was born from this desire, a place that fits with my current focus... The treatments are suitable for everyone, adults and children alike!"


How about taking advantage of your holidays to get massaged … and return home in great shape! Our cares are customized and provided by experienced professional therapists. The environment: a ‘sweet’ hut in the ‘sweet’ garden… The atmosphere: flowery, perfumed, soothing… ​Participants: everyone, regardless of age, adults and children! Time: All year round in Madere (the Island of eternal spring…) from morning to evening…


After a nice but an exhausting day of sightseeing or hiking, imagine yourself in a 35/36°C bath with hydrojets massaging you… relaxation guaranteed…

Our Jacuzzi lies in a hut facing the garden.

You may come with your family, in a small group or all alone.


It's more than a profession, it always has been and still a passion to which I have dedicated a lot of time. After learning and practicing, it is time for me to share my experience with you. The Casas Serenas garden is a delight to the senses for creating a space with a total harmony with nature. We provide natural and professional services where body-soul relaxation and well-being matters the most. Cares are suitable for all age groups, adults and children!



DURATION: 45 min

This is an energising, personalised, full-body massage with or without warm volcanic stones (it depends of the season…) using exceptional, organic essential oils.

This massage promotes muscle relaxation and reduces stress.

It can help lower blood pressure and improve circulation.

The body’s Immune System will become stronger.

Relaxation & Energy is delivered in a holistic way.

It nourishes the body’s regenerative abilities through an effective “detox” and offers a rare moment of relaxation.




This treatment starts with a foot scrub using essential oils, plants and salts with the purpose to eliminate any excess of acidity from the body.

This is followed by some foot reflexology.

Reflexology is an ancient healing practice based on the principle that there are reflex points on the feet that correspond to the body’s different organs and glands.

Reflexology is a system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness.

The health benefits of reflexology include its ability to improve the nerve functions, raise energy levels, increase circulation, eliminate toxins, relieve tension and treat illness.

You’ll benefit from relaxation, balance, serenity & a time for your inner brightness to shine.




(Re)discover the “magic” world of well-being…

It begins with a foot scrub using salts, herb plants and essential oils designed to stimulate the circulation of blood, lymphs and heighten your awareness of the Earth’s energy.

After a few minutes, you will receive a head (or back) massage on specific areas and energy points.

This treatment is great when you feel tired at the end of the day or if you are looking for a peaceful time.

You will be fit for the evening and connected for a night's sleep in the stars.

"Casas Serenas is a magical place for lovers of nature and calm! The sea view is breathtaking! The villas are very comfortable and the perfect home. I recommend to anyone who wants to relax."
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Where to find the SPA?

Our SPA is located in Calheta in Madeira island, Portugal. Our address is: Casas Serenas, Caminho Fundo 9370-263 Estreito da Calheta Madeira Island (Portugal)